Green Industry Coalition


Mission: To increase and improve communication between; regional governmental agencies, landscape companies, growers, forestry, nurseries, golf course management and landscape architectures in order to promote a comprehensive dialog for the most successful and appropriate regulations and recommendations related to Southern Nevada Horticulture and the Green Industry. To reduce or eliminate errant regulation while encouraging healthy, water wise landscapes.


Current Top Issues:


A) Stop selling homes and turning off the water.


B) Develop Best Management Practices for parking lots, public facilities and commercial areas, transportation corridors, large landscape areas open areas, and utility corridors.


C) BMP for tree care will cover; tree protection and maintenance, soil health and maintenance, tree establishment, tree removal and replacement.


D) Promulgate AGENCY recommendation for turf establishment, and include adequate soil preparation, depth and quality.


E) Provide rebates for irrigation audits.


F) Study the use of soil amendments. Develop protocol, and publish results.


G) Develop protocol, and study effects from Boron and Salts, and methods for controlling. Publish.


H) Official training program for landscape maintenance people.


I) Position on standard watering protocol for

- Xeriscape recovery - Installation - Maturing landscapes


J) Bio-Mass; Having recycled green waste.


K) Follow up on Landscape conversions.


L) Smart Controllers for irrigation

- exempt from watering days - Contractor gets the rebate


M) Are conversions potentially increasing the heat island?


N) Emergency Temporary workers program to deal with 90 Day Notice issue


Current Voting results: 9 = Highest 0 = Lowest

A[4.6] B[2.6] C[cmp] D[6.2] E[7.0] F[6.4] G[4.4]

H[6.2] I[5.4] J[4.6] K[2.6] L[6.8] M[5.0] N[inc.]