How the Plant Rocket™ System Works


The photo above shows a small portion of the “Watering Spine” utilizing a “Quick-Connector” attached to ¼ “ vinyl tubing supplying a Watering Halo that surrounds the plant.


There are six evenly spaced water emitters on a large Halo, and each feeds at a rate of about 1/3 liquid ounce per minute. This slow rate of feed assures thorough and even distribution of moisture throughout the soil.



Accelerate Growth

through Large Healthy Roots




1) Surround the plant with

-evenly spaced – slow rate – drip emitters.


2) Provide optimized watering

- use an automatic controller

*not too often – regular & deep*

- use the Plant Rocket™ distribution Spine

*assuring equal water to each plant


3) Use Solar Plant Nutrients

- These boost photosynthesis!

- The best use of your Grow-Light dollar!



Watch the video to learn more


System Component Identification


How the components work together:

The submersible water pump puts out about 2.5 psi.

This low-pressure assures maximum indoor safety while providing adequate pressure for reliable watering.

The pump is placed at the bottom of a water tank (shown below), and then plugged into the Timer-Controller unit that automatically starts and stops pump operation.


The ½” supply tubing (from the water tank) feeds the low pressure water to one or more distribution “Spines”.

The Spines then supply water equally

to several connected Watering Halos.

As many as 12 Halos may be connected to a single Spine.


The connection of the Spine to the Watering Halo is accomplished through a “Quick-Connector”. These easily and reliably allow rapid disconnect from the system in order to service any particular plant. This unique feature of the Plant Rocket System, allows pruning or other plant maintenance of a single plant without moving or disturbing others.


From the pump to the plant in a few easy connections.

Slow & regular watering is the key to plant health and productivity. The Plant Rocket™ system brings high-tech and accelerated growth to container gardening.


Large, healthy roots produce large healthy blooms and fruit. They are vital in getting the biggest yield from your crop.


The Plant Rocket System can help

add 20% or more to your yield.