Acacia aneura - Mulga Acacia; Very heat hardy drought tolerant tree. Acctractive foliage and spring flowers.        
Acacia smallii - The Sweet Acacia has a beautiful weeping habit and like the other Acacias is very heat and drought hardy.        
Acacia greggii - The Catclaw Acacia is very thorny and a good hiding place for Birds. The yellow flowers have a sweet fragrance.        
Acacia stenophylla - Shoestring Acacia is quite popular in Southern Nevada and very successful. It's beautful weeping habit adds to it's attractiveness as does it adaptability to our soils and water.        
  Arbutus unedo - The Strawberry Tree hardly looks like the desert tree that it is. The tree is generally multi-trunked and creates a dense canopy like seen here.