Melia azedarach (deciduous) - Texas Umbrella tree (to 30 x 30) has one of the most beautiful canopies. The flowers are also very attractive and the tree is hardy. The seeds (known as Chinaberries) are profuse and give the tree a reputation for being a bit messy.
Olea europaea (evergreen) - Fruitless "Wilson or Swan Hill" Olive grows slowly to about 30 x 30; so slowly that pruning to keep small is not difficult. Another very hardy tree for the desert, these withstand heat, drought and poor soil.
Parkinsonia (Cercidium) aculeata (semi-evergreen) - The Mexican Palo Verde will give the impression of being evergreen in the winter (see photo) due to the long green midribs or stems that terminate into small leaves. Moderate growth to 15 feet or more (like photo). The tree does have thorns so placement is important.
Parkinsonia (Cercidium) florida (semi-evergreen) - Blue Palo Verde. These desert heat hardy trees grow moderately to 30 x 30 feet, and have green trunks which add to their beauty.
Parkinsonia (Cercidium) 'Desert Museum' is semi-evergreen and one of the fastest growing Palo Verde trees. All of the Palo Verde trees have the beautiful green branches and trunks as seen in the photo to the left.
Pinus eldarica (evergreen) - Mondel Pine is one of the few pine tress that does well in the hot and dry desert. It does not tolerate the cold of higher elevations but is very hardy to about - 5 degrees. Fast growing to about 40 x 15 with the classic pyramidal form.
Pinus halepensis (evergreen) - the Aleppo Pine is another desert hardy pine tree. Growing rapidly to 35 x 35 or more this tree has a more rounded shape which can make it preferable for certain shade requirements.