Pistacia chinensis (deciduous) - The Chinese Pistache tree is most well known for it's awesome display of color in the fall. Slow growing at about 8 inches per year in the desert it can grow large (35 feet or more). Very attractive foliage spring summer or fall.
Prosopis chilensis (semi-evergreen) - The Chilean Mesquite is found most everywhere in the desert southwest due to it drought and heat tolerance. It will often grow will an umbrella shaped canopy but just as often develop into other shapes.
Prosopis glandulosa (deciduous) - The Texas Honey Mesquite has a very graceful weeping habit and has much larger leaves. It will grow moderate to fast to 25 x 25 or more. These have long thorns so placement considerations are important.
Quercus ilex (evergreen) _ Holly Oak tree has a wonderful round shape and presents very little clean up. Though slow growing it can grow large (30 x 30 or more) in time so placement is important.
Quercus virginiana (evergreen) - Southern Live Oak will create a wide shade canopy over time, growing slowly to 40 x 40 or more. Another heat and cold hardy variety for our desert climate.