SNWA Landscape Award Finalists

Homeowner Category


The Bourgeois residence displayed a huge variety of desert plants

including an excellent selection of color.


There was a wonderful presentation of tropical lushness at the Clark residence.

Notice the use of raised border ? a nice hardscapes addition!


When entering the Connelly landscape ? a feeling of peace seem to be everywhere


Very attractive desert and tropical plantings mixed well

With well mounded rockscapes and dry river themes at the Fontana residence


The yellows ? purple ? orange and pinks were outstanding at the Hardy residence

Where the use of an ingenious water reclamation system added to the landscape


The dry river bed coupled with outstanding color selections

gave the Johnson landscape a wonderfully pleasant effect and charm



The Lamberts have mastered getting the most from a modestly sized landscape.

A tribute to the ingenuity to be found in Las Vegas!


The Mergenmeier residence presented charm and comfort.

A feeling of relaxed enjoyment and an invitation to stop a while.


When designing a desert landscape allowing adequate spacing between plants helps to accent their individuality ? The very attractive Raybould property demonstrates this!


Pristine desert cacti adorned the Shraff and Potter residence.

So often unknown to others is the amount of improvement new homeowners have made!


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