SNWA Landscape Award Finalists

Professional Category


The Baker residence demonstrated an excellent mix of color and desert charm.

The Red Russelia is especially beautiful.


The variety of desert plants blends well with “traditionals”… At the Bloch residence


The Chudy residence displayed a vast array of desert and tropical plants, water wise yet very colorful


The Covered Wagon RV Park Brings out the Old Western Spirit Of Las Vegas


The Haymond landscape was filled with lush green foliage yet still presented a large variety of attractive drought tolerant plants


Here, making the most of a streetscape the Johnson residence shows

just how attractive desert plants can be!









The landscape presented at the Krueger residence showed just how attractive

proper placement and spacing with desert plants can be!


The Monterey Condominiums complex provides a pleasant and colorful

surrounding for its many residents and visitors.


The Palo Verde Meeting House was another showy desert xeriscape.

Wispy grasses blend with colorful cacti to give the eye a treat!






Notice the striking variety of color at the Schloss residence!


Good plant selection and maintenance practices add to the charm at

the Tropicana Royal Apartments


Last but certainly not least, if you have yet to visit Western Trails Park at the south end of town, you are missing some very beautiful desert landscaping.

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