The Lowest Bid is not always your best Choice

Selecting a reliable quality landscaper is a most important part of your landscape investment. The SNLA is here to help you.


Here are some questions you can ask your prospective gardener or landscaping company to help evaluate their skills:


Q What is the amount of insurance that your company has for landscape work?


Q What is your license number? What does your license authorize you to do?


Q Does your company hold a current C-10 contractors license?


Q Is your company a certified Water Smart company with the SNWA?


Q What and when was the last educational class the supervisor you will send to my yard has had?


Q What other certificates are held by your employees?


Q What Professional Associations does your company belong to?


Q Will the job supervisor remain on site during the work?


Q Does your company have a bilingual person on the job for customer communications?


Q How do you have the work your employees do inspected?


Q Is 4 to 10 minute drip watering usually long enough for trees and shrubs?


Q How wide and how deep should a hole be dug for a tree or shrub?


Q Which insect is most often responsible for killing trees in Southern Nevada?


Q What is the most common, and often fatal planting mistake made in the Valley?


Q What to do with the “Nursery” stake after planting?



Because personality clashes do happen, make sure you feel that you are comfortable with the communications with your potential landscaping professional.

Be careful – Choose wisely!


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