June 2009

Special Considerations


Plantable Pot Roses have a much better chance of survival because they already have good soil surrounding the root system.  This type of “dormant rose”, is a better recommendation for those who may have more concern about successful transplanting.  They offer superior variety, and excellent pricing.  Only plant dormant roses in the winter; give them a chance to root out before the warm season begins to demand nutrients and water from the plant.


Step 1: Roses do best in Las Vegas with afternoon shade. Pick the right spot for your plant. Dig a hole 18 inches wide and deep.  Check drainage (3 hour minimum).



Step 2: Plantable-Dormant Pot Roses come in a colorful plastic wrapping, with pictures and descriptions of your new rose as well as care recommendations. Remember this is the Desert Southwest, and sometimes a plant is recommended for full sun (elsewhere). Remove the plastic from the Dormant Pot rose. DO NOT plant your rose while still wrapped in plastic. Remove excessive wax from the canes, if necessary with warm water and an old toothbrush.


Step 3: Once the fiber pot is completely exposed, The pot will decompose in the soil on its’ own, however you may want to cut several slits in the sides of the pot to encourage faster root development. 


Step 4: Planting Partners.

PAYDIRT – GOLDUST – PLANT TONIC. Mix well; ¾ cup GOLDUST® , and 1 part PAYDIRT®  with 2 part native soil.  This mixture you will use to surround the root system of your new plant. Only use a completely composted mulch like PAYDIRT, and a safe effective Starter Fertilizer like GOLDUST. High nitrogen fertilizers can damage a new plant, so be careful what you use.








Do not “bury” the roots, keep them near the surface! Finally, after you have finished planting your new rose, water thoroughly with a solution of Dr. Q’s PLANT TONIC. Mulch around the plant to keep down weeds, retain moisture and keep roots cool.  A fully composted mulch like PAYDIRT® is the best to use for this purpose.



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