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Star Nursery Plant Signs

In front of each group of our plants, whether trees, shrubs or flowers; you’ll see a sign similar to this one. Lets go over some of the important points to take notice of:


At the bottom left we explain what type of plant this is, or what category it might fit into. In some cases this area may just give a hint as to how you might use it.


To the right of this we explain whether the plant is deciduous, evergreen, perennial, annual or in some cases “Tender” (like the one in this photo) and therefore excluded by our plant replacement policy. (top)


Terminology used on our Signs:


ØDeciduous means the plant will lose it’s leaves during the winter.

ØEvergreen means that it will not lose it’s leaves during the winter.

ØA perennial usually refers to smaller plants that live longer than a single growing season.

ØA short lived perennial will usually last from 2 to 4 years.

ØAn annual will live through only one season. Sometimes plants are winter annuals and like the cold or cooler temps, and sometimes they are summer annuals that like the heat. Annuals are not guaranteed.


Ø “Tender”; When any of these terms are preceded by the term “Tender” this means this plant is not really zoned for this climate and may not survive for a full year. Bougainvilleas are examples of this. They love the heat, but often fail in our winters. So, buy them early in the season and enjoy them while it’s warm. Sometimes they will over-winter, but you shouldn’t count on it. (top)


The NARRATIVE on the sign is intended to give you an idea of several things:

Ø How large might it grow.

Ø Does it need afternoon shade or morning sun? (if so do not expose it to afternoon sun)

Ø If a fruit; a description of the fruit.

Ø If it flowers; a description of the flower.

Ø If the plant is cold or frost tender; at what temperature might it be damaged.

Ø How to schedule watering for the plant.

Ø Information on fertilization, soil drainage or other pertinent info for that plant.


These signs are your primary guide to how to select and care for you new plant. Please read them, and feel free to ask our outside sales people if you need some additional information. Visit www.StarNusery.com , click on “Best Advice” then Gardening Tips or Star Notes, for much more advice. (top)




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