June 9 Registration for Master Gardener Classes


Registration for the next Master Gardener Training classes will take place at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 9th at the UNCE Lifelong Learning Center.   The Fall semester begins on September 13, 2010 with classes on MWF from 9 a.m. to noon


Over 1000 community members have completed Master Gardener training since the first class was offered in Las Vegas in 1992.  The Master Gardener program is open to all who accept the training (72 hours) and volunteer commitment (50 hours per year on MG community projects).  A $150 cost-recovery fee covers all class materials including three textbooks, MG badge, shirt, tote and some refreshments.  Completed registrations (applications and cash or check payable to Board of Regents) will be accepted on a “first-come” basis at the June 9, 2010 Information/Registration session.  


Master Gardeners are University-trained community volunteers who share their knowledge and desert gardening skills through the Home Gardening Help Line (2587-555), public presentations and information booths.  Master Gardeners are experienced in successfully growing plants in the Mojave Desert – the hottest, driest, and coldest of the North American deserts.  This is an environment unfamiliar to many newcomers.  By teaching what to plant and how to properly care for their landscapes or gardens the Master Gardeners save people money – on water, soil amendments, plant materials, etc.


To reserve a spot at the Registration session, please contact Mary Bertsch, Program Assistant at bertschm@unce.unr.edu, 257-5501.


Antoinette (Ann) Edmunds

Program Officer II, Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

8050 Paradise Road, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89123