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Are you considering adding a rockscape in your yard?  If so, there are several important issues and detail to consider during your planning phase.  Probably the first one is to DO ADEQUATE PLANNING. Determine the minimum amount of rock that you will need.


When you order your rock to be delivered, you will need to know how many square feet that you have to cover, and then how deep you want the rock to be. These figures are an approximatation






Soil & Soil Mix

2 inches

1 ton

≈ 170 sq. ft.

1/4” – 3/8” Minus

2 inches

1 ton

≈ 160 sq. ft.

3/8”, 1/2", 5/8

2 inches

1 ton

≈ 140 sq. ft.

3/4", 7/8”, 1”

2 inches

1 ton

≈ 120 sq. ft.

2” – 4”

1 layer

1 ton

≈ 80 sq. ft.

3/4" - 11/2" River Rock

1 layer

1 ton

≈ 90 sq. ft.

11/2" – 3” River Rock

1 layer

1 ton

≈ 70 sq. ft.

3” – 6” River Rock

1 layer

1 ton

≈ 50 sq. ft.


After a period of time, you will likely notice that spots in your rockscape have become bare. For this reason it is usually a good idea to order a little extra (maybe 5 to 7%), and plan on having small mounds of rock in your design. You can later take rock from these mounds to cover the areas that have become a bit bare.


Do not PLAN on purchasing rock later for this same area. All rocks are mined and crushed, and as the mining process advances the color and often size of the rock will vary.  You should plan on receiving all of your rock, for any given area, at the same time “One Delivery”. This will avoid the added work of making the variance in colors between deliveries match.  Matching / blending, or mixing to match can be accomplished by raking and moving. But this is considerable extra labor. It is typical for small grained material (fines) to adhere to the rock. After your rock has been put down, you can hose these fines off and the beauty of your new rock will shine through!





If the area(s) you intend to “rock” are irregular or difficult for you to estimate square footage, draw a sketch of your yard (try to make it to scale), draw your planned rock area, and bring this into our Store so our associates can help you make a successful plan.


Don’t forget that weeds can and will become an issue. Weed barrier is available for placement prior to laying your rock. Make certain where the barrier needs to be laid side-by-side, that it overlaps at least 4 inches. Without an overlap, the weeds will find the little cracks, and sprout to life where you least expect or desire them. Anchor your weed block before the rock goes down so that it doesn’t move.


Plan ahead for the shrubs that may be planted in the future in your rockscape.  You can dig the holes for these plants now, and simply place upside-down plant buckets in them until time for planting. Remember to dig twice the width of the bucket, and put Paydirt® amended soil around the bucket. Irrigation will also be required. Sketch your yard’s plant lay out, and our irrigation advisors can provide you the information and materials you need to lay and install this BEFORE you lay your weed block.


STEP 1             make your rock and plant design

STEP 2             make your irrigation design

STEP 3            go over your plan with our associates

STEP 4             install the irrigation, lay the weed block and any edging desired.

STEP 5 `           order, and install the rock

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