Installation of a

Preassembled Irrigation Manifold


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Please read these instructions BEFORE you install your new irrigation manifold.


WRENCHES ARE NOT ADVISED for initial assembly!


Before beginning assembly of a manifold system:

1) Turn each swivel component for proper function and free movement.


2) Visibly inspect O-Ring location and fit.


3) Insure that the irrigation valve you are installing has a flat, smooth surface for the O-Ring to properly seal against.


4) HAND TIGHTEN irrigation valves to Manifold components.


5) Always install an O-Ring Manifold Cap at the end of a Manifold assembly so that additional valves can be added later if required. In cold climates this cap can be used as a manual drain valve to protect the irrigation control valves.


6) Do not bind Manifold fittings in any way! Proper alignment of the manifold to the main line and any existing outlet is essential.


7) Check for leaks on the inlet side of the Manifold assembly. Should a leak be noticed, re-tighten by hand or apply light pressure using channel locks just until drip or weeping stops.


8) Turn on one zone at a time and check for leaks on the outlet side. Adjust outlet side of the assembly using the same method as above.


OVERTIGHTENING the Manifold connections can cause massive failure!





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