Planting Bulbs


Tip 1025

Gardening Tips for successful and beautiful Landscapes and Gardens


When to Plant?  Purchase your bulbs early, when supplies are good. In our climate, wait to plant them until nearly Thanksgiving. Warm temperatures sometimes extend well into November.  Planting too early will cause flower buds to emerge in the middle of winter and freeze.  Store bulbs in a cool place.


Prepare the Soil by adding organic material like Paydirt Planting Mix or Humus Gro.  Add more to heavy clay soil and less to sandy soil.  In any case, dont exceed a 50-50 mix.



Choose the correct planting depth.  A rule of thumb is to plant at a depth equal to 3 times the bulb height. See chart below.

Dig a hole to the required depth. Depth is measurement of space between the soil line and top of bulb or bare root.

Set the bulbs or bare root in place, sprout side upward (normally pointed).

Cover the bulbs by replacing the soil and water thoroughly.

Add starter fertilizer like Dr. Qs Gold Dust  to the bottom of the planting hole at the rate of 1 tablespoon for each bulb, cover with about  inch of soil and place the bulbs on top.  Bulbs are usually planted base down, but roots and tubers may confuse you. Water bulbs thoroughly when first planted, then weekly thereafter.  After foliage dies in summer, withhold water again until mid fall.  Deep irrigation is important; shallow surface sprinkling is not effective.