Prepare for Cold Weather


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Don't let a cold snap catch you by surprise. Get your plants ready for cold weather and plan to winterize irrigation systems, pipes and pool components.

The short fall planting season is winding to a close with freezing temperatures and cold winds to follow very soon. Inspect and winterize your irrigation system and pool components. Wrap exposed pipes with tube pipe insulation or insulating tape.


While you're at it, don't forget the water softener or hot water heater in your garage. Wrapping the pipes and putting an insulating blanket on garage/outdoor appliances will save money during winter and prevent catastrophic breakage during a sudden. severe freeze.


Backflow Preventer Valve


Every landscape should have one of these; Itís the Law. Due to the fact that these valves are exposed and elevated (as required), and that they have vulnerable parts inside, these are often the first item in your irrigation system to be damaged.


If a cold snap is coming, get insulation materials and thoroughly wrap you Backflow valve. Also shut the inlet valve, and drain the water from your irrigation system by manually opening the control valves.


Plant Preparations: As temperatures get colder, gradually reduce the watering schedule for landscape and potted plants until next spring. Groom patio plants and prepare to move them indoors at the first sing of frost or freezing temperatures. Stop fertilizing until early spring. All plants, indoor and outdoor alike, benefit from a winter rest period before resuming growth next season. If you have frost tender plants that are too large or difficult to move, have plenty of burlap on hand to wrap them during cold snaps, or choose a lightweight reusable plant blanket like N-Sulate. Depending on plant size, you can place a cardboard box over it during cold nights. Place a rock or similar object on top to keep the box from blowing off in windy conditions. Don't forget to remove the coverings during warmer winter days.



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