“Organic Ant Bait”


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Make it at home


What do you Need?



Peanut Butter

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized shells of microscopic water-dwelling organisms known as diatoms. Diatoms are the hay of oceans and lakes.

These tiny, one-celled plants use soluble silica (sand) from their environment to make their cell walls, which become their shells when they die. When these organisms die, the shells pile up on the bottom to form thick beds of sediment.

A Teaspoon


Using a regular teaspoon, scoop about 1/3 full with creamy peanut butter. Do this first to avoid contamination of the peanut butter. Measure 1/8th teaspoon of organic diatomaceous earth (not containing other pesticides) and mix into peanut butter with a tooth pick. Apply mixture to baseboards or other areas where the ant trails are obvious. The ants will take the bait into their nest and die within about 48 hours.



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