ďPlanting 4 inch into a PotĒ

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First thing, youíll need a pot with drainage; holes in the bottom.

Itís a good idea to add some rocks to the bottom, before you begin to add soil. This keeps the soil from plugging the holes.

Then, as you add your dirt, check to see when the level of soil is just right to have the plant sit near the top. Not too deep!

If youíre not careful, youíll wind up burying the plant; like this!

OK, now itís time to remove our plant from itís little nursery pot or incubating container. Squeeze the pot to get the soil away from edges.

Finally we are ready to plant our new little start. Now, look and make sure you donít see any insects in the roots.

DONíT; Traumatize the roots by pulling them open. The odds are greater that youíll stress the plant than prevent the roots from girdling.

Whether youíre planting a flower, vegetable or herb, the process is the same. If youíre putting multiple plants into a pot, do that before you add more soil.

Use a good potting soil, and continually pack the soil gently as you fill the pot.

Make sure the rootball is at the surface, and then pack the soil again as you finish the planting.

Dilute a tsp of Dr. Qís Plant Tonic to a quart of fresh water, to help your plant get a good start.

When youíve finished, itís often a good idea to put the Growers Tag near the plant for proper ID later.

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