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Selection - Planting – Watering – Fertilizing


Some houseplants are rather sturdy, they can tolerate a lot of stress or varying conditions and keep right on thriving. Take Pothos for example. This plant is an excellent plant for someone new to houseplants.


Other houseplants are not so resilient. Because it can be so easy to lose a houseplant, Star Nursery does not offer a “replacement” for these. But we do want to help you succeed.

So, please read this Tip carefully. With proper care most houseplants can live a long time and bring a great sense of warmth and beauty to your home.



Location issues: Some houseplants prefer a lot of direct sunlight while other need to be protected from direct sunlight. Have an idea of the location you want to put your new houseplant, so that it has a good chance to thrive in that location. If there is an air conditioning vent blowing onto the plant it will require more moisture than if it is located in an area where the air is still. In these locations try to use plants that have smaller leaves and will not be so sensitive to water loss. Temperature is another important aspect to location. If located near any appliance that puts off heat, or just an exceptionally warm area of the house, get a plant that can take the heat. If the area you want to put the plant has little to no light, this can cause lots of trouble for the wrong plant.


The Plant:  Read our information signs to know how a plant will respond to the various conditions that it will be growing in. Some plants will need more frequent water, but most plants do best with a good weekly soaking. There are many internet sources to provide additional information on houseplant characteristics and care. Visit our website, click on Best Advice and read the Seasonal Tips to find out more.


The Pot and Soil: Drainage is essential, so only get pots that have a hole in the bottom for drainage. If you have a very attractive pot (without a hole for drainage) that you would like to make use of, you can actually use that pot on the outside, as a saucer for an appropriate pot within. Just don’t forget to pour the water off if it begins to accumulate. If you use a clay pot that is not sealed, use a good sealant to protect the pot, but make sure it is safe for plants. The sealant of course will go on the inside to protect the pot from water damage.







Dr Q’s Filthy Rich potting soil is Top Quality and sanitized. No weed seeds and no insects. It also has a good blend of organic compost and Perlite for good water retention and drainage for most plants. If planting a succulent or cactus, or other plant that needs better drainage, use Cactus Mix soil.


Always put some rocks or pottery pieces on the bottom, covering the hole, to prevent soil loss and maintain drainage.





Watering and fertilization: Use only salt-free water. Salt softened water is very harmful for houseplants. Reverse osmosis or distilled are both quite safe if a small amount of micro-nutrient rich tonic (Dr Q’s Plant Tonic or Dr Q’s Houseplant Food) is added when watered. Avoid over-watering and neglect.



Have a routine. Most plants need weekly water, so establish their watering routine on your day off, or some other weekly event. Some plants need more fertilization than others, check the internet and our website for more on your plants nutritional requirements.




Insects and disease: Check your plants periodically for signs of trouble. If the foliage begins to look poorly or you notice mildew or any signs of insects, stop by our Nursery and ask one of our plant specialists. There are many insecticides that are harmful to plants, and many others that you do not want indoors. So be careful, and always read the label.



Take a little time to know the environment you have for your plant, then learn about the plant you want. Get the right supplies and have a good routine for care, and you’ll have years of pleasure from your new houseplant.




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