Winter Color in Shady Places


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Outdoor Considerations & Care

Cyclamens begin to show up in the Nursery around late September, when they begin blooming. They dont care for afternoon sun in the Desert Southwest, so plant them where they get protection and lots of shade. The nice thing about them here is that with just blue sky to look at and no direct sunlight you can get blossoms.


If your just getting them for winter color, and plan on them being an annual you can put them just about anywhere you want after October 1st. They are succulents though, so good drainage and infrequent water will help them do their best. Fertilize monthly to get the maximum from the blooms, and add some bone meal.



Indoor Ideas



Bright indirect light. East or North facing windows are good.


Water thoroughly once a week.
Drain excess water from tray.


Add Bone Meal then Dr. Qs Houseplant Food every 4 weeks during blooming season.


Cool temperatures mean a longer blooming season.
Cyclamen like extra humidity. Use a humidity tray.






Special Care for the late and dormant season


1) Flowers begin to fade

Pinch faded blooms at their base.
Fertilize with Dr. Qs Houseplant Tonic every 4 weeks until new leaves appear.

2) New Leaves begin fading

Stop fertilizing. Gradually decrease watering. Corm will go dormant.

3) Plant Rest Period

Once corm is dormant, let soil dry completely. Place plant in a cool, dark place for a 6-12 week rest.

4) New Blooms

Remove from pot and replant in fresh soil. About 1/3 of the corm should be planted at the soils surface. After the new leaves appear, fertilize once a month with Dr. Qs Houseplant Tonic until next dormant cycle.







Yellowing Leaves
Crown is firm and healthy looking.

Hot Dry Air
Under Watering
Direct Sunlight

Place plant on Humidity tray. Keep evenly moist.
Make sure sunlight is correct.

Leaves appear to wilt. Crown of plant is soft.

Over Watering
Water gets onto the crown.

Back off if you are watering too often!
Over watering is the number one cause of houseplant problems. Water carefully or If possible water from the bottom, and only water when the soil feels dry to the touch below the surface.

Short blooming time.

Room Too Hot
Air Too Dry

Grow in cooler location. Place plant on Humidity tray.

Stunted Leaves.


Mites are extremely small and will usually be found on the undersides of leaves. Wash the plant carefully and clean with Q Tips and alcohol. Spray with Safer's Insecticidal Soap weekly for 3 weeks.


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