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Masonry products, like edging or pavestone are subject to corrosion in the same way as this concrete has deteriorated. This is the result of our very alkaline water found here in the desert southwest.


Additionally, if moisture from our alkaline laden soils is allowed to reach these products a similar corrosive action will ensue.


After being exposed to this type of water or moisture masonry products will often, within† several years, develop serious product deterioration as witnessed here.


It is therefore important that our customers of masonry products take this into consideration should they plan to install these items in locations that may be subject to overspray, exposure to drip irrigation or leaching from the soil. There are many protective moisture resistant products available to aid in the life expectancy dealing with this type of moisture/alkaline related deterioration.


In the case of soil leaching it is advised that a 6 mil or thicker sheet of moisture impervious plastic material be placed beneath the masonry prior to installation, or multiple applications of a protective coating. A thin layer of soil can be placed on this plastic material in order to conceal itís presence.


If you have any questions regarding this aspect of the durability of any masonry item you might purchase from Star Nursery, please discuss this with our trained specialists or management.







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