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Want to grow things in Nevada?
Wonder why it is so difficult?

This website is dedicated to the many gardeners professionals and would be gardeners that grow things in the high desert that is Southern Nevada.
Here we are concerned with extreme heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.
Add to that hard compacted soils
(if you can call our dirt "soil") with high pH, and hard alkaline water that comes from the water's travels through the Colorado river basin.

You can read information on many aspects of landscape care
within the webpages of this site.

If you would like your group or organization listed on this website send contact info to: info@Nevadagardens.com

In Send feedback or questions....

Gardening and landscape care is a treasured practice throughout the country. Here in the Southern Nevada high desert you will find many new challenges.

Because success in growing here can take on so many different practices a place where we can share our questions, ideas and information is vital.
Nevada Gardens is dedicated to that end.


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How to build a raised bed

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a raised garden bed



Gardening Tips

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